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Janitorial Services for Ottawa

A trusted business in the Ottawa community, Areal Building Services offers superior service in the cleaning and renovating of business locations. Many business decision-makers will hap hardly select a company to provide cleaning services. This is an important decision with several considerations such as ability to reach company after-hours or experience in the field. Take the time to consider your options. Areal Building Services is quite famous for their janitorial services and property maintenance service in Ottawa. Our cleaning services include carpet cleaning service, window cleaning services, floor cleaning etc. Contact one of our representatives at our Regional Staff Office for a free quote or to discuss service options.

Skilled Employees

Our workforce is comprised of skilled and highly trained employees who are the key to our business success. Each has had to undergo initial training to understand our cleaning procedures. Additionally, they have had to attend workshops where the importance of customer service is stressed. The sum of both trainings has lead to a team in Ottawa that we are extremely proud of.

Every Type of Business

We have over twenty years experience in the janitorial industry. We have serviced business large and small. Our services have been utilized by industry giants in Ottawa as well as the small mom-and-pop business at the strip mall. Every customer and every business is important to us.


We value our customers and the personal and business equipment that is found in most office environments. That is why we have bonded and insured our employees. There is no risk for you or your company. Our workers in Ottawa work diligently and carefully around these expensive pieces of equipment.
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